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Prevention of Tsunami and Flooding Catastrophes by Novel Submerged Barrier built by Novel Efficient Submarine Architecture and Technology


Novel Tsunami and Flooding Protection Barrier
Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel
Scheel Consulting, Switzerland hans.scheel@bluewin.ch

Tsunami hazard can be prevented when the impulse waves from earthquakes and landslides are reflected by a stable submerged vertical barrier before the catastrophic high Tsunami waves near the coast are formed. The principle and the erection of submarine walls by a relatively simple economic technology will be described. These barriers protect the coastline against tsunami waves and against waves from tropical storms, but also against oil spill and other contamination from the ocean and thus protect flora, fauna and beaches.
The construction costs can partially be compensated by land reclamation, by hydroelectric energy storage, or by large-scale fish farming-combined with tidal energy for fresh sea water.


Maldives and all low-level islands, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, South-Korea, Singapore, USA, Canada and many other countries and coasts with risk of tsunami and flooding from tropical cyclones


Warning from earthquakes, tsunami warning centers, satellite pictures of hurricanes and typhoons

Means of verification

My one-hour lecture at 6th International Tsunami Symposium September 2 to 5, 2014 at Costa Rica and the publication, see below; forthcoming lectures at Leichtweiss-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Braunschweig/Germany Dec.4, 2014 and at GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel/Germany Jan. 23, 2015. Prof. George Pararas-Carayannis, President of Tsunami Society International


From 2015 to 2025


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Dr Hans J. Scheel
Consultant, SCHEEL CONSULTING Switzerland


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