Voluntary commitment

Commitments to HFA2 from a local community in Bangladesh


1. Is promising not to cut down any of the trees from 90+ local species, those supports the community with prevention, protection, mitigation, resilience and advancement to the context of DRR.
2. Is committing to translate HFA2 into local dialect. So that the perception level of community with HFA2 will increase
3. Is committing to provide 500+ volunteer for activating and implementing HFA2 at the local level.
4. Is committing to oppose any development initiative at the locality until and/or unless it fully comply with DRR bindings in HFA2.


1. Saving 90+ species of local trees for next 30 years
2. Translated HFA2 into local dialect for dissemination
3.Providing volunteers
4. Oppose pseudo development for DRR


1. Locality is more resilient to disaster risks
2. Local people are more strong in perception of HFA2
3. Need less investment to implement HFA2 at local level
4. Development induced disaster risks is mitigated

Means of verification

1. Total carbon count
2. Local competition with translated HFA2
3. Pilot initiative at local level
4. Test initiative at local level


July 2014- December 2016

Contact Person

Mr Zakir Md. Hossain
Founder & The Chief, Krisoker Sor (Farmers' Voice)


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