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Voluntary Commitment by UNISDR Private Sector Partnership, representing Business and Industry Major Group


The private sector, a vast and diverse group offering a variety of core business strengths and capacities, believes there is a clear mutual interest for public and private sectors to work together, as the private sector relies on the resilience of public infrastructures and services to conduct their businesses, and governments and national economies depend on resilient business practices for a stable and reliable economy.

The Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnership (PSP) is the voice of the private sector to UNISDR. All members of PSP have signed and committed to two key documents: The 'Statement of Commitment by the Private Sector for Disaster Prevention, Resilience and Risk Reduction'; and the 'Call for Action: Five Essentials for Business in Disaster Risk Reduction.' PSP in Asia-Pacific and the Americas regions have submitted formal voluntary commitments via Regional Platforms in 2014.

To strengthen the recommendations made to the First Session of the Preparatory Committee for the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction the PSP hereby declares our commitment:
1. Engage with governments, encourage and contribute to the creation and strengthening of the policy environment to change course towards resilience and sustainability as a society;
2. Promote risk-sensitive business practices and long-term business resilience in the private sector; and
3. Bring in private sector potential, knowledge, and experience via public private partnerships.


1. Engage with governments on resilient and risk-sensitive financial investment and resilient building rating systems.
2. Engage businesses and communities, including local authorities, so that business continuity management encompasses supply chains and communities, through a) building knowledge and best practices, b) communication and sharing, and c) joint action.
3. Bring private sector potential, knowledge, experience into public private sector partnerships, encourage development and strengthening of laws, regulations, and programmes for disaster risk reduction and resilience.


1. TBD – example: XX public companies adopting recommended transparency rules (long-term), XX communities adopting resilient building certification system (long-term).
2. TBD – example: X number of best practices (short-term), X number of joint plans (long-term)
3. TBD – example: engage XX governments/XX% of governments with national platforms on disaster risk reduction.

Means of verification

Stakeholder group reporting to member states through HFA and UNISDR mechanisms.


Short (e.g. 2016), medium (e.g. 2020), and long-term (e.g. 2030).


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Contact Person

Ms Yoshiko Abe
Member company, Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnership


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