Voluntary commitment

Statement of Voluntary Commitments of organizations working on Disability-inclusion for the 6th Asia Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction: The Disability-inclusive DRR Network Rehabilitation International The Nippon Foundation


Goal 4: Strengthen community-based inclusive DRR initiatives to empower all persons with disabilities, including women, children and older persons, to realise their full participation in, and contribution to, all phases of disaster risk reduction within their communities.


Progressive quantitative increase under HFA2 in the number of persons with disabilities actively participating in, and contributing to, community-based DRR initiatives.


Increase in direct contributions to DRR practice in respective communities by persons with disabilities.

Increase in the number of persons with disabilities acting as DRR resource persons, trainers or similar within their community.

Increase in the number of community-based DRR adaptations to ensure the participation and reasonable accommodation of persons with disabilities.

Means of verification

Sub-national and national reporting by government on HFA2 progress.
Stakeholder group reporting to government in-country and within the HFA2 consultative process.


Short to long term.



Contact Person

Dr Alex Robinson
Country Director ASB Indonesia Office, Disability-inclsuive DRR Network


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