Voluntary commitment

Parliamentarians’ Statement for the 6th Asia Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction


Commit to the following deliverables in support of the post-2015 framework for DRR in our roles as legislators, people’s representatives and political leaders to complement the government’s efforts and help them achieve and deliver:

1. Promote, articulate and adopt policy framework that adds coherence and mutual reinforcement of disaster risk reduction, response to climate change and sustainable development
2. Strengthen legislative framework to enable risk sensitive development and building resilience
3. Ensure that governments in Asia set certain percentage of national budget allocation and local governments set higher percentage of locally generated income for disaster and climate risk management
4. Initiate institutional reforms toward disaster resilient development including working with governments to create regulatory and incentive mechanisms for private sector to invest in disaster risk management
5. Strengthen legislative and policy oversight


1. Each Asian country will adopt improved policy framework
2. Each Asian country will develop new or amend a legislation for disaster resilient development
3. Percentage of Parliaments in Asia reinforce disaster risk assessment and set percentage of budget to be allocated for disaster and climate risk management
4. At least 5 parliaments in Asia debate and initiate institutional reforms (including through new or amended legislation)
5. Parliaments in Asia have functional standing committee on DRR and climate change and develop mechanisms to monitor the implementation of disaster and climate risk management legislation and policies


1. Increase in number and quality of new policies that support coherence and mutual reinforcement
2. Increase in number and quality of new legislation
3. Increase in budget allocation for disaster and climate risk management4. Changes in governance framework in (number) of Asian countries
4. Changes in governance framework in (number) of countries
5. Number of parliaments with mechanisms/tools developed for oversight

Means of verification

National and regional reports on legislative frameworks, monitor of the post-2015 framework for DRR


Short term: from June 2014 to 2016; Long-term: March 2015 onward


Project description:

Contact Person

Hon Saber Chowdhury
Member of the Parliament of Bangladesh, Chair of Asian Advisory Group of Parliamentarians for DRR


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