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National initiation to make the community resilience in Nepal


Nepal's national development plan has emphasized DRR as a national priority and an integral component of sustainable development. In October 2009, Nepal Government adopted the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management (NSDRM). The NSDRM is based on HFA and outlines priority objectives for DRM in Nepal. To implement the NSDRM, the Government and humanitarian and development partners initiated the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium in 2011.
Ministry of Home affairs has conducted a National Level Multi Hazard Risk Assessment covering five major hazards. All 75 districts has developed District Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP). Similarly at the community level, around 100 VDCs have prepared Local Disaster Risk Management Plans prioritising of three major hazards with an earthquake risk assessment. Similarly, six municipalities out of 58 have initiated enforcing National Building Code for safe building construction practices. Government is planning to mainstream DRM/CRM into all sectoral plans by 2015.
The National Disaster Response Framework has been finalized to ensure collective and coherent disaster response. The government has also established disaster risk management and climate change adaptation focal desks and assigned officials in all ministries to mainstream DRM in regular planning, implementation and monitoring activities. Government ministries have taken the ownership of the cluster approach for relief activities.
The network of Emergency Operations Centres (EOC) have been expanded to 5 regions, 26 districts and 5 municipalities. The National Emergency Centres, established in 2011 is leading the EOC network. Similarly, capacity of search and rescue teams has been also enhanced.
To sum up, notable progress has been achieved on policy and institutional issues as well as community based DRM initiatives. Initiatives are on-going on efficient information management and capacity enhancement. At the same time, there is also some challenge of enhancing the legal systems in the current political context.


Community People
DRR Stakeholders both at National and Local level


Characteristic for resilience community
Hazard and Risk Mapping
Effective response

Means of verification

Planning Process adopted, District Council Decision
Disaster incidents with Damage and Loss Record


From July 2014 to June 2017

Contact Person

Mr PradipKumar Koirala
Under-Secretary, Disaster Management Division, Ministry of Home Affairs


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