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Youth In Disaster Risk Reduction And Environmental Preparedness Resilience Ambassadors


SOFADECCA we are committed in ensuring that the youth in Kenya more so in urban areas are comprehensively trained on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. The programme is meant to target this young generation to help build culture of Resilience at a you8ng stage and tap the youth energy that can be channeled on activities that help the entire community and on matters that touches on economic development and thematic community fire fighters and emergency Responders.

The youth will be the drivers that will be used to identify the local based Hazards and help in mapping their community for proper and well coordinated Disaster management approach and elimination of the already identified underlying risk. Through the programme SOFADECCA is targeting at creating an everlasting multi-sectoral cooperation between different players in Humanitarian field including the local government. The information sharing platform that we are intending to create and leave behind between the community through the trained youth and other stakeholders and government agencies is one of its kind and will be able to enhance the "Nyumba Kumi initiative" in Kenya thereby reducing the new threats like Terrorism which has taken the fore front in the country.

We are targeting the youth (all gender) with a clear conscience of empowering girl child as future women with knowledge and skills as a civil defense due to their vulnerability and the capacity of this group to respond and train the community members even after the programme is concluded breaking the language barrier by delivering the training in the language the community (more so the elderly ) understand most.
This programme is an implementation of one of the Sofadecca principles of forming Youth movement towards elimination of disaster Risk and building community Resilience through thorough training as community Trainer of Trainers.This training is currently targeting youth in Nairobi city commencing November and will last for a period of three months


Boys and Girls/Community stakelholders, government agencies and other incountry players


-Number of Youth trained
-Number of boys and girls involved
-Underlying Risk
-Number of stakeholders taking part
-To what extent is the local government involved
-Number of Risk Mapped and youth involved

Means of verification

Our Head office and prevention web.


From November 2014- January 2015


Project description:

Contact Person

Mr Ali Abdul
Disaster and Fire Officer/SOFADECCA National Youth Chairman, Society of Fire and Disaster Emergency Community Conflict Agency


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