Voluntary commitment

Disasters: Preparedness & Planning leading to Safe, Resilient and Happy communities.


Capacity Building initiative starting from the grass root level in the communities in an all inclusive manner, making it a major activity of attraction and concern for all.
Emphasis on simple, lucid practical approach, rather than tough technical information decimation. With regular feedback from every stakeholder and the modifications / alterations in the program if required from time to time.
More emphasis on Hands On experience than mere listening and practice oriented.


Youths capacity building.
Awareness in Senior people in community.
Special emphasis on participation of Women [both working & housewives].
Feedback form / interview by local media and practical (mock) demo. if possible


Documented IEC material, feedback forms, DRR strategy highlighted in local language, jingles and small action plays.

Means of verification

Third Party assessment, by Local municipal corporations & bodies in that respective areas. Their confirmation / authorization after each program.


April 2014 to December 2016

Contact Person

Mr Aprup Adawadkar
Founder President, Paryavaran Pratham


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