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Best solution for structutal and environmental wind-related issues


Wind engineering is best defined as the rational treatment of interactions between wind in the atmospheric boundary layer and man and his works on the surface of Earth. The International Association for Wind Engineering (IAWE) promotes international co-operation among scientists, engineers and other professionals for advancement of knowledge in the broad field of wind engineering. It has been reported that 80-85% of the natural disaster economic losses in the world are caused by extreme wind related events, and it is hypothesized that, global warming has the potential to further exacerbate this scenario through increase in the number and intensity of weather-related disasters. IAWE takes the leadership for wind-related disaster risk reduction.


- to establish a database/warehouse of the latest information/technologies relevant to wind-related effects and their mitigation;
- to facilitate technology transfer that attends to the needs of local communities exposed to disasters around the world;
- to provide assistance to international organizations in the preparation of guidelines to manage the impact of wind-related disasters including evacuation, recovery and reconstruction;
- to organize, dispatch and facilitate ground logistics for quick-response post-disaster investigation teams;
- to establish an international consensus for extreme winds based on damage relevant to different construction practices;
- to establish international guidelines to prepare for wind-related disaster reduction activities;
- to harmonize wind-loading codes and standards including environmental specifications; and
- to hold regular international workshops/conferences on WR DRR.


Regular international seminars/workshops/conferences on WRDRR
New facilities/technologies to help wind-related disaster mitigation
Harmonized wind-loading codes and standards
Guidelines for quick-response post-disaster investigation

Means of verification

Brocher/proceedings/video for wind-related disaster mitigation
New facilities/technologies to help wind-related disaster mitigation
Guidelines for quick-response post-disaster investigation


March 2015 to December 2017


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Contact Person

Prof Yukio Tamura
Program coordinator, International Association for Wind Engineering


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