Voluntary commitment

Educational Awareness for Rural Women and girls, in rural Communities


We held in 2008, the Natural Disasters Youth Summit, 24 Schools participated, we intend to hos a second summit targeting girls.
Additionally we joined with another Global network to host a climate change conference in a neighboring island which brought most of the Caribbean Islands together, in 2011, it is time for another regional conference we would like to be the central motivator to make it happen, resource support is required, but it can be done and we are committed


We target women and girls in rural communities, coastal communities, agricultural communities, which are prone to landslides, land erosion, loss is property, homes, lives, crops, animals and lives.


Are just looking back at the statistics over the last few years, of the number of countries throughout the world and current disasters which impact on livelihood, but our focus is the small and vulnerable islands of the Caribbean who suffer annually and are yet unprepared, we are now approaching the hurricane season and the fear is in the air, for those who have survived last year but yet to be compensated for their loss, testimonies from these victims can be very useful

Means of verification

Statistics, reports, victims, families whose members lives were lost, families who lost their livelihood, homes, farms and property


From September 2014 to June 2017

Contact Person

Ms Gia Gaspard Taylor
President, Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago


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