Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Weekly tests of warning sirens have been crying out across parts of the country recently, with authorities trying to figure out if they're being heard in the right places and that they're working correctly.
An Overview of Climate and Disaster Risk Financing Options for Pacific Island Countries
This report summarises the types of financial instruments as well as specific products and arrangements that are available to support climate and disaster risk management objectives in Pacific island countries (PICs).
The Fiji Meteorological Service has been working with stakeholders to ensure information shared via its monthly early action rainfall watch bulletin is being used to its maximum effect.
Hurricane in the Caribbean, palm tree on a beach
Adapting to socio-economic shocks is part of Saint Lucia's new national social protection policy.
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This report provides a summary of main findings from the Firm Resilience Survey which collected data from 1413 firms in the tourism industry in 13 Caribbean countries between March-November 2020.
USC researchers and colleagues track and document the tsunami impact of a recent event near Tonga.
The International Organization for Migration, in partnership with the National Emergency Management Office, has been working closely with Palau and community members to prepare for and respond to lifesaving needs during natural hazards and shocks.