Earthquake survivors in Turkey also include 356,000 pregnant women who, at the end of February 2023, urgently needed medical care, according to the United Nations. Some women have had to give birth to their children in collapsed buildings.
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This paper sets out a framework to document women's roles in building adaptive capacity and resilience to floods in rural Bangladesh, using testimony evidence from 20 focus group discussions in a highly flood-prone area.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
Woman fetching water from a borehole, Nigeria.
Climate change is worsening water scarcity in Nigeria's coastal areas, and women, who are responsible for fetching water, cooking and other household chores, bear the brunt of this crisis. A gender-sensitive and inclusive solution is needed.
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Factors such as gender, age, disability, location, and poverty shape how people experience disasters. The COVID-19 crisis impacted more negatively those with poorer health, inadequate housing, and less secure jobs.
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This note documents good practices to prevent, mitigate, and respond to GBV in post-disaster contexts, utilizing the World Bank-financed Central Sulawesi Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (CSRRP) as a case study.
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Women in Rwanda growing coffee to support themselves.
Women in Burundi’s rural areas are spending what little money they have to increase their land’s resilience. Often, these costs come directly from their meager household budgets, sometimes simply to secure their access to productive farming land t
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The study which the consultant will conduct aims to evaluate how Blue-Green Infrastructure can work to reduce heat-related disaster risk for women in poor setting
Experts say that poverty, societal attitudes and gender norms have made it harder for women in Pakistan to cope with the impacts of climate change, in this report on International Women’s Day
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Women play a key role when it comes to the topic of flood resilience. But, they are often left out of important conversations, which results in gaps when trying to achieve resilience. Concern Worldwide Kenya supports women’s participation in such forums.
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An African woman standing in a corn field.
As we celebrate International Women's Day today, it's important to recognize the vital role that women play in tackling climate change. While climate change affects everyone, it does not affect everyone equally.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change