Early Warning

Profiles of advocates working to reduce the risks faced by people living with disabilities, and to make disaster risk reduction, essential services and whole societies across the Asia-Pacific region more inclusive for people living with disabilities.
Remaining puddle in a dried lake
Experts at COP27 have made apocalyptic forecasts of weather under climate change if urgent action is not taken. In South Asia the anticipated ‘climate chaos’ is already a reality for many, with extreme droughts and floods increasingly affecting the region
A regional project to strengthen flood and drought management and early warnings in the Volta Basin has been selected by the Adaptation Fund portfolio monitoring mission in order to highlight implementation experience that will benefit future projects.
Disaster risk reduction in EU external action
These conclusions from the European Council's meeting on 28 November 2022 call for a proactive and anticipatory crisis response.
October to April is the peak period for extreme weather in Australia, with higher risk of flooding, tropical cyclones, bushfires, and severe thunderstorms. The latest outlook indicates a potentially wet and windy summer for 2022-23.
A woman talking on the phone in the streets in Bangladesh.
Due to the frequency of natural hazards, communities in Bangladesh are all too often fighting for survival in the face of floods, tornadoes, cyclones, sea surges, and droughts. Resilience Agents have made significant contributions in resilience-building
Kisoro Uganda beautiful sunset over mountains and hills of pastures and farms in villages of Uganda.
Uganda recently reached a significant milestone in its efforts to implement anticipatory action across the country, holding its first ever National Dialogue on Anticipatory Action.
Bushfire, Australia
Climate change is driving a worldwide increase in extreme events, and the risks of disasters are rising in Australia. This article offers four examples of potential solutions to stop bushfires, storms and floods in their tracks.
A man rows his boat off the coast of Dili, East Timor
In partnership with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), UNOPS is working to enhance early warning systems and build greater resilience to hydro-meteorological hazards in Timor-Leste.
People sending messages
The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 emphasized the need to strengthen systematic observations and to achieve universal coverage of early warning systems – two of the World Meteorological Organization’s top priorities.