Early Warning

A successful six-year, 10 million Canadian dollar project, funded by ECCC, has strengthened the quality and availability of impact-based forecasts and services to support communities in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.
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This book is about the contribution of early warnings to reducing damage, disruption and distress from natural hazards. Its theme is partnership – between producers and receivers, and between the many experts who contribute to creating a warning.
Samburu landscape viewed through swarm of invasive, destructive Desert Locusts.
With another swarm predicted for September, the arrival of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, farmers in the vast 168,966 km² province have joined with researchers to introduce a software package to track locust swarms in real time.
This knowledge product sets out the role and responsibilities of a Geological Survey as the national nodal agency for landslide investigation
This document provides an overview of this landslide forecast bulletin, highlighting its core content, the science underpinning the bulletin, its evolution, and related data management and decision support tools.
This document provides an overview of the landslide forecast models used or explored by LANDSLIP. It describes the various approaches used, their main assumptions and limitations, and highlights model calibration and evaluation phases.
This research project, LANDSLIP “Landslide multi-hazard risk assessment, preparedness and early warning in South Asia: Integrating meteorology, landscape and society” research project, ran from 2016 to 2022.
People walk in the street of central Athens during a heatwave in Athens, Greece (2017)
The Municipality of Athens is launching a messaging service that will provide immediate information on the weather conditions that prevail in Athens during the summer period, as well as on the measures that must be taken for people’s protection.
A probabilistic deep learning methodology that learns from climate simulation big data offers advantageous seasonal forecasting skill and crucial climate model diagnosis information at a global scale.
River flowing through green fields and hills.
Protecting people from floods requires many technical professionals to make good predictions and decisions. No step in this process is easy – and most are getting harder. Climate change is worsening floods, because a hotter atmosphere can hold more water.