Disaster Risk Management

A blazing wildfire starts to encroach on residential areas in Braga, Portugal
States are struggling to budget given incomplete data
Profiles of advocates working to reduce the risks faced by people living with disabilities, and to make disaster risk reduction, essential services and whole societies across the Asia-Pacific region more inclusive for people living with disabilities.
Barriers and tools for implementing nature-based solutions for rail climate change adaptation
This study identifies barriers to uptake of nature-based solutions by the rail industry, which are potential climate change adaptation options for rail infrastructure. However, many factors still must be considered to enable their wider implementation.
Three Native American tribes will get $25 million each to retreat to higher ground. Despite a high initial cost, relocation may save money in the long run, by reducing damage from future disasters, along with the cost of rebuilding after those disasters.
Insights gained into geo-hydrological disaster management 25 years after the catastrophic landslides of 1998 in southern Italy
This article documents positive and negative experiences related to the deadly landslide disaster on 5 May 1998 in Italy, finding a possible link between prevention measures and mortality reduction.
The Mekong river at a low water level due to drought
In Lao PDR, FAO has been working with partners and government stakeholders, including the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, to develop an anticipatory action system for agricultural drought in two target provinces: Luang Prabang and Savannakhet.
Mozambique Red Cross early warning drill
NGOs, INGOs, humanitarian agencies, start-ups, SMEs and social enterprises with digital solutions that enable early action in humanitarian crises situations are invited to apply.
Closing date
The Senior Advisor to China Program, under the supervision of the China Program Director and overall guidance by the ED, will work closely with relevant staff in different departments of ADPC, as needed. Apply until the 13 December 2022.
Disaster risk reduction in EU external action
These conclusions from the European Council's meeting on 28 November 2022 call for a proactive and anticipatory crisis response.
Woman with her truck full of vegetables
The Mexican Flood Resilience Project, led by the Mexican Red Cross, aims to increase preparedness and strengthen the flood resilience of communities in the state of Tabasco.