A tsunami detector buoy is floated off the Nicobar Islands, India
While incidents such as the eruption of are relatively common as volcanoes are naturally unstable, unpredictable and exist throughout the world.
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This study provides a review of infectious disease risk financing schemes to draw lessons and recommend solutions for the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) member countries.
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This paper assesses post-disaster shelter recovery policy frameworks in the Philippines by building a responsive system to support resilient and equitable recovery. Every year, shelter in the Philippines is being lost to climate-related events.
Winter banner panorama of the slope at ski resort, people skiing, snow pine trees, blue sky
Climate change is threatening the Winter Olympics and the future of snow sports by making conditions much more dangerous to athletes and participants, finds a new report.
Green skyscraper building with plants growing on the facade. Ecology and green living in city, urban environment concept.
Urban greening is unlikely to provide a single fix for tackling extreme weather events brought on by climate change, scientists have suggested.
This image shows a city in Nepal below a snowy mountain.
Following Nepal’s move to a federal governance structure municipal governments have greater responsibility for disaster risk reduction and management.
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This paper is a case study on national disaster risk reduction in Indonesia. In less than a month, Indonesia was hit with flash floods and a deadly earthquake.
Storm surge barriers in Oosterschelde
The conclusion is that flooding cannot be prevented when there are such large-scale and extreme precipitation events. But with more resilient spatial planning and better preparation, the Netherlands can stop the disruption turning into a disaster.
Skyline of downtown Los Angeles, California
Some buildings sway more than others in an earthquake. Scientists are exploring how to integrate this variation into Earthquake Early Warning systems.
Engineers who control a water quality, activated sludge tank with aeration system in a wastewater treatment plant.
Wastewater testing provides a relatively economic method whereby countries in Latin America and the Caribbean can improve their detection, diagnosis, control, and monitoring systems for viruses that cause diseases like COVID-19 and its variants.