Park in Nairobi
The 5th Africa Dialogue Platform, which will take place 28-30 June 2022, will comprise a mix of face-to-face meetings in Nairobi with online sessions.
The 2022 Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week ended on Friday, held in hybrid format with nearly 1,700 people taking part in Geneva and just over 5,000 online for one and two weeks respectively.
A young boy walking across a refugee camp in Syria.
Recent years have seen a surge in people being displaced by disasters – often within their own countries. In 2020 alone, weather- and climate-related events led to more than 30 million people worldwide being displaced within their country.
Malawi anticipatory action: Process learning on trigger development
This report offers lessons on the process of developing the trigger for the Malawi Anticipatory Action Framework and captures lessons on how AA pilots are being designed and implemented in real time.
The British Embassy in Kathmandu (BEK) has announced its continued support to anticipate and rapidly respond to crises through Start Network by providing an additional £ 1.5 million in funding to Start Fund Nepal.
G7 foreign minister, GermanynMay 2022
Foreign Ministers from G7 countries released a joint statement on humanitarian assistance, calling for governments to scale up anticipatory action, and increase financial support for early humanitarian action ahead of predicted hazards.
How anticipatory action makes a difference
The evidence shows that anticipatory action helps to preserve people’s dignity, saves lives and livelihoods, and provides value for money.
Irene Amuron Joanna Smith
​​Anticipatory action plans include a trigger mechanism, developed according to an impact-based forecasting approach, that translates the expected hazard event and its potential impacts into technical and actionable interventions.
In this episode of the podcast Fixing Aid, host Alae Ismail explores if aid responses could be improved if the forced displacements of the future were more accurately predicted.
A group of young Asian women and men standing around a table and working with colorful post-it notes.
A training module on inclusive, gender-responsible anticipatory action for effective disaster preparedness is being developed for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).