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PreventionWeb provides syndication services in the form of RSS feeds and a public API.

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  • Academic programmes

    Preparation and professional development courses provided by Universities and academic institutions in DRR.

  • Maps

    Selected hazard, risk and vulnerability maps.

  • Meetings and Conferences

    Professional meeting on DRR themes & issues through conferences and workshops in DRR.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Our API offers free access to over 40,000 content entries in our knowledge base, including news, publications, policies and plans, training and events. It enables computer programmers and developers in your organization to use, publish and contextualise these resources, alongside your own data. The data can be filtered by theme, hazard, region or country and repurposed in a database, website or mobile app.

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The website of our regional office in Incheon pulls and displays training events from PreventionWeb.