The UNDRR-led Global Risk Assessment



Since 2011, UNDRR has spearheaded a multi-hazard Global Risk Assessment in partnership with leading scientific and technical organizations. The objective is to provide comparable open-access disaster risk metrics across countries and hazard categories with a relatively coarse-grain resolution as a means of raising risk awareness

In the UNDRR-led assessment, probabilistic hazard models have been developed for earthquake, tropical cyclone wind and storm surge, tsunami and river flooding worldwide, for volcanic ash in the Asia-Pacific region and for drought in parts of Africa. A global exposure model for the built environment has been developed at a 1kmx1km resolution along coastlines and 5kmx5km elsewhere. Appropriate vulnerability functions have been used on the basis of expert knowledge in each region. The impact of climate change on wind hazard in the Caribbean and on drought in Africa has also been modelled. The open-source multi-hazard risk platform CAPRA is used to calculate risk. At this point, the flood risk model is still being finalized, meaning that the estimates of flood risk presented in the GAR15 should be considered provisional and are likely to change.