The Alliance

The Alliance illustrates that disaster risk management is everybody’s business.

Beyond the achievements of the Activity Streams, the main value of the Initiative is to strengthen the links among the companies impacted by natural hazards and all the public and private stakeholders who contribute to disaster risk reduction. The goal is to tap into the desire for collaboration and create a safe, secure space for more effective public and private sector sharing of knowledge and experience to accelerate the implementation of good practice and encourage disaster risksensitive investment.

The R!SE Initiative develops projects with the objective to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, good practice and experiences which will help investors to make risk-sensitive choices and build safer and more resilient societies.

R!SE Alliance

R!SE is a new global alliance between 6 collaborating communities.

Broadly, the business, investors and insurance communities represent the private sector institutional financing and risk transfer mechanism. The public sector, education and civil society communities represent the stakeholders with which there remains an untapped opportunity for collaboration and the need for a common language and framework approach to disaster risk management.

The short-term objective of the Initiative is to gather a wide range of actors from these 6 communities to facilitate exchange and to jointly execute the collaborative projects detailed in the 8 Activity Streams.