Resilient Cities Connect for Solution Providers

Cities can look at resilience as a whole, such as a strategy, but in practice this can result in many different procurements/deals for individual case-specific solutions (i.e. products, services and knowledge).

For solution providers - private sector, development partners, NGOs, organisations (i.e. UNISDR, 100RC, C40, WB), cities and knowledge institutions - the RCC platform is a great opportunity to advertise products, services, and knowledge to a global audience of potential customers: cities. This is achieved by registering in the platform and creating/updating a profile where individual products, services and knowledge areas are tagged or classified by types and topics. By registering and properly tagging products, services, and knowledge areas, one can be automatically alerted when a city issues a service request that matches one or more of those products, services, and knowledge areas. With this in mind, focus in selling and global reach can both be attained.

Cities that have undertaken a Local Government Self-Assessment (LGSAT) and have scores know what they need to procure next to increase their resilience. The classification system and the LGSAT scores are based on the same framework, namely, the Ten Essentials for Making Cities Resilient. By having access to the LGSAT scores you – as a DRR solution provider – can choose to undertake a selective marketing campaign and generate new business prospects and opportunities through the RCC platform.

Over time and across its wide reach of cities, the platform will generate valuable market information about the pattern of demands from cities. Access to such data will allow data analytics to answer your specific market questions.

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) together are so broad that they touch practically all aspects of a national economy. You may not be aware of the fact that many products, services and areas of knowledge – although not intended for preparing for disaster, reducing risks, mitigating the effects of disaster, etc. – may in fact be needed by a city during disaster events and similar emergencies. For example, flashlight manufacturers may be unaware of DRR but the fact is that flashlights are products in demand during disasters as well as before disasters for emergency preparedness. DRR and CCA products, services and knowledge constitute emerging markets. More and more countries, through frameworks as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris agreement, have committed themselves to allocate national and local budgets for these purposes. Through the RCC platform, you participate in this emerging market.

If you are already part of the RCC platform you can start adding your services through a simple form by following the below link, or first get listed by following instructions in the below section to register your organisation.

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