About Resilient Cities Connect for Cities

About RCC for cities

If you are a city mayor, a city development planner, a city engineer or any other local government officer in part responsible for making your city become more resilient against disasters and climate change, this RCC platform is for YOU.

Through this platform you can:

  • DISCOVER good practices, lessons learned and workable solutions from other cities, discover the right DRR solution provider to your specific needs, and copy or adapt how leading cities had mainstreamed DRR into their local development plans;
  • CONNECT with donors and financing institutions, link up with the right experts that you need, engage with other cities through meetings and conferences, and connect with the right DRR solution provider with experience that matches your Request for Proposal;
  • LEARN how experienced cities achieved their successes in greater resiliency, find the right training courses for your city personnel, learn about planning tools in DRR and obtain feedback from other cities about the quality of services from specific DRR solution providers; and
  • IMPLEMENT your DRR procurement plans and announce your tenders over a wide audience

Find your city

If your city has previously submitted and made public its Local Government Self-Assessment Report (LGSAT) to UNISDR, the city will have a profile in RCC. A city’s LGSAT score will determine its most needed solution areas according to the Ten Essentials for Making Cities Resilient framework. Services that match with the needs highlighted by the LGSAT results will be thus recommended to cities.

Find your city and recommended services

Browse services

Use the RCC portal to navigate to pages of Solution providers to investigate organisations and their services in greater detail, or to discuss further by engaging them through an email via their email made available on their profile. Search for specific solutions on the marketplace via the search bar or toggle through the filters to focus your searches. What you are looking for /or what your city needs is not there? See below to request a service be made available by a solution provider.

View funding opportunities and existing services in the marketplace

Prepare a service request

A city can issue a request for a service if it needs workable solutions to meet a specific problem, of which service solutions currently available on the RCC marketplace do not sufficiently meet.

Make a service request