About Resilient Cities Connect

The RCC Vision:

To accelerate local level resilience action and help achieve sustainable and resilient cities.

The RCC Mission:

To share information about resilience (lessons learned, best practices, data, solutions etc.) between cities and their partners and facilitating partnerships between them that accelerates implementation of and strengthens urban resilience globally.

This platform of the Resilient Cities Connect aims to serve cities and solution providers, which comprise private sector, development partners, NGOs, organisations (i.e. UNISDR, 100RC, C40, WB), cities and knowledge institutions/academia. It is an agora or a marketplace for connecting cities – as buyers of DRR knowledge, products and services – with the relevant solution providers across the globe. It is also a progressive agora or a place where cities and their partners meet to explore new perspectives in resiliency and to innovate new DRR solutions.

DRR knowledge such as solutions to DRR problems in cities often come from other cities. Cities are both demanders and suppliers of DRR knowledge. Although cities can look at resilience as a whole, such as a strategy, in practice this can result in many different procurements/deals for individual case-specific solutions (i.e. products, services and knowledge). DRR products, services and knowledge can come from a wide range of private sectors, knowledge institutes, NGO’s and other solution providers. At the RCC platform, cities and solution providers contribute and update their own profiles. A unique feature of the RCC platform is the use of a standard product/service/knowledge classification system and automatic alert system to enable, respectively, precise and rapid matching of buyers with the right sellers.

Donors and development financing agencies can announce their funding services in DRR through the website.

As an agora of ideas, the RCC platform provides discussion forums whereby cities, organisations, private sectors, civil society, development partners and others can explore emerging trends, anticipate needs, share new perspectives and combine their insights to arrive at new possible workable innovations or innovative approaches to the complex issues of DRR and CCA.

RCC for Cities

Cities cannot build resilience alone. Resilient Cities Connect therefore serves to bring together the different contributors of resilience in one marketplace. Cities can DISCOVER good practices, lessons learned, workable solutions and trainings; CONNECT with other cities, solution providers, development partners and other resilience initiatives; LEARN from others to ask the right questions of proposed solutions and current strategies; IMPLEMENT suitable resilience strategies and projects with partners.

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RCC for Solution Providers

DISCOVER and LEARN about the resilience market in general and in cities, the key questions, needs and backgrounds to guide the development, upgrading and innovation of products, services, and knowledge, for their efficiency and effectiveness, to ultimately position, MATCH and ENGAGE with cities in the market to IMPLEMENT and generate business.

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