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    Dear Everyone I am very happy to take part in these discussions with you all. My name is Stella Joy and I am one of the directors of Active Remedy Ltd, based in the U.K. Our main focus is the Protection and Repair of the Global Fresh Water Cycle. Understanding the workings of nature, of natural disasters and how to potentially reduce and mitigate them is of vital importance under relatively normal conditions. However during these times when all life on Earth is so seriously threatened it is of uttermost importance to share information and do all we can to save life through collective, collaborative DRR strategies and practical activities. Through these discussions and follow up actions I hope we can all be part of this happening, as the safety of the whole world is dependent upon humanity taking responsibility and concerted action ahead of and in the face of danger. We must remember. There is no planet B. All the Best S
    September 2012
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    August 2012

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