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  • Gens de rivières 14 rue du moulin
    69530 Brignais

    Phone: +33 652262982
    Website: http://www.gensderiviè

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Gens de rivières

Private Sector


Helping citizens and all communities to reduce disaster losses in flooded risk.



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Helping citizens and all communities to reduce disaster losses
in flooded risk.

Disaster Reduction Goal

Use knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels

Policies and Programmes in DRR

Prevention to learn the different risks, and forecast to know what to do and how to do in case of disaster.

Membership in Key Networks

Making disaster risk reduction a policy priority, institutional strengthening (HFA 1)

explain to mayors i meet who don't know international rules where they can find ideas, spirit and framework.

Risk assessment and early warning systems (HFA 2)

risk is a social construction, it is the intersection of a hazard and a human, economic and environmental challenge.
- It is important to learn to know the conditions that could likely to occur
- Then it seems to me important to know the impact of the hazard on people, to know how to prepare for, respond to and recover

early warning systems should allow monitoring of hazards, their evolution, to understand what to do, evacuation or confinement

Education, information and public awareness (HFA 3)

Education, information and public awareness must help communicate the risks, to understand it.
the family must learn to organize themselves to face a disaster, adapt her home to reduce their vulnerability, and everyone must know what to do time or event occurs.
This allows to recover faster
More we are ready and we suffer less

Reducing underlying risk factors (HFA 4)

IN the context of flooding, it is said that the river should be cleaned, but not limited to the vicinity of rivers, dams also so that when the rise of the waters, these barriers can be dangerous and represent hazards to the population.

Preparedness for effective response (HFA 5)

Prepare a situation of crisis can arrange to be ready to intervene.
it also means we know the risks, we know where they are going to happen and therefore we know the impact on the population.
We must know where are the most vulnerable populations

Other activities

Preparation of emergency services at risk of flooding.
Aid training on behaviors have in rescue and put in security populations

Making Cities Resilient Campaign Activities

I think I can provide technical assistance for the people who live in flood areas, in urban or rural context, whith innovative and fun approach since the exercises and workshops take place in water in secure.

Disaster Risk Reduction Focal Point(s)

Prevention is all the measures taken to preserve a given situation (health, social, economic, environmental ...) a breakdown, accident or disaster.
Prevention is based on avoiding negative interference or reduce their likelihood. This is the actual prevention aspect, which then adds protective measures.

This protection is to limit the negative effects of disruptions when they occur.


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  • 14 rue du moulin 69530 Brignais France

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