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  • Kathak Academy Bangladesh KAB
    251 Mirhajirbag, Gandaria
    1204 Dhaka

    Phone: +880 1818174292

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Kathak Academy Bangladesh (KAB)

Non-Governmental Organization

Khatak Academy Bangladesh (KAB) is a registered non-governmental organization of Bangladesh dealing with developmental, cultural, educational, and environmental issues since its inception in 1982. KAB also works on different on issues of Millennium Development Goals for youth 2015, eradication of poverty,...



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Khatak Academy Bangladesh (KAB) is a registered non-governmental organization of Bangladesh dealing with developmental, cultural, educational, and environmental issues since its inception in 1982. KAB also works on different on issues of Millennium Development Goals for youth 2015, eradication of poverty, child labour, child health care, tourism, etc.

Membership in Key Networks

UN civil society
world Assembly of youth
asian youth council
international youth council
Australia commonwealth foundation

Making disaster risk reduction a policy priority, institutional strengthening (HFA 1)

Kathak Academy, our organization, usually involves youth workers providing programs for young people to help them develop knowledge and skills as well as providing them with structured leisure time. Various types of voluntary works are also being done by the youth. Voluntary work with young people is an excellent means of being a responsible person and making a positive and valuable contribution to those less way to meet both local people and get to know their culture and activities.

The following are the nature of work / activities / action programs for youth and human development goals of this youth organization:
1. Eternity training program for school students and community youth, fishermen etc.

2. Theatre and performing arts.
(a) Cultural programs on music, dance, dram, stage show etc. for the purpose in social awareness and development.
(b) Fine Art Program including competition, exhibition at art galleries etc.

3. Education Program
(a) Child education.
(b) Mass education (reallocation of illiteracy).
(c) Education campaign for street children, or phage, day workers (child) etc.
(d) Teaching and training center.
(e) Education, vocational training for tribal youth for self employment.
(f) Various vocational training for the youth for self employment.

4. Health Program
(a) Primary health care centre for youth and female.
(b) Free medical treatment and medi aid.
(c) Awareness program on HIV/AIDS and Drugs.
(d) Child day care enter.
(e) Programs on Vaccination, Blood donation, Eye Camp etc.
(f) First Aid.

5. Environment Program
(a) Tree Plantation
(b) Safe Water, Sanitation, Arsenic education, road safety etc.
(i) Seminar, Discussion, Publicity & Campaign
(c) Different aquaculture, nursery etc.

6. Other Activities
(a) Annual sports for youth.
(b) Indoor & Outdoor games for youth.
(c) Educational tours, sight seeing, excursion, historical and important places, museum.
(d) Observing various national and international days, celebration, charity walks / runs etc.
(e) Organizing national youth debate, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
(f) Achievement and award for potential youth and children.
(g) Relief and rehabilitation program to the affected people at the time of natural calamities.
(h) Micro-credit programs for vulnerable group such activities are offered many times.

Risk assessment and early warning systems (HFA 2)

We do various voluntary works and participate at the above mentioned programs activity. As we have action program for youth and human development goals, so we have to serve voluntarily specially by the youth and for the youth in all programs when needed.

Because in our community young people have a lot of energy, power, determination to work for build up, for that we are actively participating in the field of awareness, training, self-employment and entrepreneurship business, cultural, tourism, primary health care, child & mass education, sports teams keeping natural environment, conservation of forest etc. all over Bangladesh.

We also share experience and knowlege on exchanging view through youth exchange program and also attending various seminars, workshops, symposium, discussion, cultural activities, etc. in home and abroad.

We also try to understand new culture of this modern era and also try to improve our living standard, economic condition through various youth activities. We also want to keep peaceful environment and to leave in world together with peace and harmony.

World civilization is changing very fast, living standard education, culture are improving rapidly with advancement of modern scientific achievement. So we are to live at per with this advancement. So we are engaged in such volunteer works to keep in touch with this fast achievements.
So, our (youth) activities are not only mainly for youth development and also for community and social development. Our participation is very important for your young nation as well as country and world.

Education, information and public awareness (HFA 3)

Our group

Reducing underlying risk factors (HFA 4)

We have a primary school for teaching the under previledged and school dropped children and mass education program for the illiterate people. Youth are teaching there as voluntary basis regularly with great interest and enthusiasm.

Preparedness for effective response (HFA 5)

there are all are national label, student ,talent, professional youth for sustainable vision future improvement ,if you give us opportunity to attend the international conference ,we like to Global youth sustainable adaptation change for economic, social, empowerment self employment buildup.

Other activities

We have action program for mental health youth education & sustainable, ICT, food & nutrition, tourism, & the Chemical Weapons, human development goals. Like Eternity training program for school students & community youth, Fisherman in the deep sea we supporting to the technical fishery community people & SIDR affected fishery family & water sanitation & society in CHT aria in Bangladesh.
We are very mush interested about this program,

we are working for Millennium Development Goals for youth 2015 how can recover the poverty ,we thing we need a action program for young people developing country in the world .our conception action dynamic entrepreneurship media business, child health care ,training, cultural. Tourism. Awareness than employment for that we are start the action program against the poverty, Humanities movement ,behave, honesty ,mankind ,that is big finance for human community young people development . In this connection, its my pleasure to inform you that Khatak Acadamy Bangladesh(KAB) is a renowned registered Non Government Organization (NGO) of Bangladesh dealing with Cultural, child labor, Educational & Environmental, youth Development Issues in the country since its inception in 1982, We also work on different social programs highlighting youth entrepreneurship in local & national medias and in rural areas ..Most recent curriculum vitae and a brief biographical note We have gather experience in youth response an international or regional and local level. Few examples are: 1.Attending Millennium Development Goals for youth 2015 summit on 11-14 September 2006 at Batam in Indonesia representative youth organization from Bangladesh . 2. Attending self-employment youth development recommendation for MDGs on 10-16 August, 2006 in Malaysia . 3. Attending youth Deplo leadership Programmed in Thailand July 14-15. Attending youth leadership Program.we are also attend the ,Chogm(Aus),UN General assembly (USA),COP 17(South Africa)-2011
(JICA)-representative youth org. win

Disaster Risk Reduction Focal Point(s)

Bangladesh sidar affected area burguna borisal

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  • 251 Mirhajirbag, Gandaria 1204 Dhaka Bangladesh

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