Often referred to as the “voice” of the National Weather Service, NOAA Weather Radio is a 24/7 public service that broadcasts weather information from more than 1,000 stations across the United States and many of its territories.
Even with significant global advances in science and infrastructure designed to predict and manage such extreme disasters, many communities still face major societal and economic impacts when these events occur.
What kinds of financial and economic benefits would political entities be able to sustain if there were more investments in appropriate DRR strategies? ESG investing helps shift the mindset from a short-term perspective on disaster impact.
Moroccan farmer overlooking his heard of sheep on his fields.
Climate risks need to be understood in terms of their interaction with social, political and environmental vulnerabilities on the ground.
River bed and destroyed village after the July 2021 floods in Germany
The flood event in July 2021 in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate caused by heavy rainfall is one of the largest flood disasters in Germany for decades. The affected regions and municipalities are now facing immense challenges.
Dried river in Spain
The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre today published the “Drought in Europe - July 2022” report, an assessment of Europe’s drought situation based on the European Drought Observatory.
PDC in partnership with twenty-seven countries’ militaries, international nongovernmental organizations, and interagency partners, provided technical assistance and expertise during the world’s largest international maritime exercise.
Superstorm Sandy Hoboken, NJ. Flooded streets and cars at the corner of Willow ST and 4th ST. Fire truck plowing through.
Coastal communities in three locations along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts saw record high tide flooding last year — a trend that is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond without improved flood defenses, according to NOAA.
Volunteers support reconstruction work in Macrohon after typhoon Rai
A country prone to frequent disasters is using information tools to mitigate their effects and at the same time advance social development.
Little African Boy At The Community Borehole Quenching His Thirst
Between spring 2020 and early 2022, the Centre supported OCHA in undertaking process learning on four anticipatory action (AA) pilots in Somalia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Malawi.