2015 Malawi Flood
When Cyclone Freddy walloped southern Africa last March, Malawi’s farmers — mostly women — lost their land, livestock, and livelihoods.
Yale Environment 360
A farmer shows off his rice harvest in Bangladesh
Wealthy nations could provide 100 of the world's most vulnerable countries a combined $25 billion in annual protection against climate disasters for as little as $10 million per nation, research published on Tuesday showed.
Thomson Reuters
Climate-driven drought and floods are hurting the livelihoods and mental health of European farmers.
Crossroads of Yaoundé's central post office.
UNDP has partnered with UNEP, UNSN, UNDRR and the National Institute of Statistics and the Directorate of Civil Protection of Cameroon to host a learning event on climate change and disaster statistics.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
A new White Paper, designed to make Britain's foreign aid spending go further and find sources of international finance, will put in place a £150m fund to help poorer countries access to money faster in emergencies and reduce the impact of climate crises.
British Broadcasting Corporation
Empowering individuals with disabilities, particularly in the realms of climate change and environmental conservation, is crucial as disaster impacts are indiscriminate, affecting everyone.
Disaster Risk Reduction Network of African Journalists
Pedestrians traverse the inundated streets of Venice, Italy
Cities across the world lack the infrastructure, societal safety nets and robust environmental policies needed to combat the worsening impacts of climate change, according to the Resilient Cities Index 2023.
Economist Impact
Countless landslides in Nantou county are disrupting ancient agricultural traditions, leading some to wonder how much longer they can continue to cling to the steep slopes they call home.
Guardian, the (UK)
Using historical records from around Australia, an international team of researchers has put forward the most accurate prediction to date of past Antarctic ice sheet melt, providing a more realistic forecast of future sea level rise.
Australian National University
Block chain network and programming concept on technology background
A comprehensive suite of resources for managing climate change risk in Vanuatu has been unveiled today, making critical climate information readily accessible to decision-makers in government, industry and local communities.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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