An African farmer with his herd of goats.
Scientists warn that a lack of weather data in much of Africa means that loss and damage funds can not be dependent on a disaster being proven to be caused by climate change.
Extreme weather – including heatwaves and flooding – appears to be the new normal for South Asia with Pakistan enduring both in 2022. The impacts are numerous and inter-connected, cascading across economic sectors and political geographies.
Floods streets in  in Dakar, Senegal, 2012
Rising ocean levels threaten dozens of Africa’s rapidly expanding coastal metropolises, resulting in shrinking land area, coastal flooding, more powerful storm surges, and the need for better mitigation.
Recent events have shown the impacts climate change and extreme weather events can have on communities and transportation networks. This is why the Government of Canada is taking important steps towards addressing climate change on railway infrastructure.
In times of disaster, the key is preparation, and people are urged to develop their evacuation plans before the crisis hits. When English isn't your first language, it can be even more challenging knowing how to prepare.
Truck carrying hay on a road covered with water after a flood. Altai, Mongolia.
Millions of people have moved to Mongolia’s cities in the past 30 years, where a lack of infrastructure combines with more intense rainfall to cause misery in slum districts
A woman talking on the phone in the streets in Bangladesh.
Due to the frequency of natural hazards, communities in Bangladesh are all too often fighting for survival in the face of floods, tornadoes, cyclones, sea surges, and droughts. Resilience Agents have made significant contributions in resilience-building
Two Mexican women walking in front of a yellow wall.
Malia Tuitupou, a volunteer at the “Women Friendly Spaces” established and supported by United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) Pacific in Tonga, still vividly remembers the aftermath of the natural hazards, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption
Kisoro Uganda beautiful sunset over mountains and hills of pastures and farms in villages of Uganda.
Uganda recently reached a significant milestone in its efforts to implement anticipatory action across the country, holding its first ever National Dialogue on Anticipatory Action.
Back-to-back hurricanes left an unnerving scene on the Florida coast in November 2022: Several houses, and even swimming pools, were left dangling over the ocean as waves eroded the property beneath them. Dozens of homes were deemed unsafe.