Research briefs

In a study published May 20th in the journal One Earth, investigators report that increasing ambient temperatures negatively impact human sleep around the globe.
Plant that helps produce behavior-changing pheromones could boost environmentally friendly pest control.
A cashier in the Dominican Republic counts money
A market-led approach could be key to guiding policy, research and business decisions about future climate risks, a new study outlines.
Climate change projections have traditionally been made using complex climate models.
A resident walks past a collapsed house in the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake
Using GRACE satellite data, researchers discovered anomalous gravimetric signals that occurred before a seismic event that started deep within Earth.
Nepalis wait as engineers remove a boulder fallen on the road due to a landslide
The tool extracts landslide information in real time, which could advance landslide research as well as disaster response.
ftermath of the earthquake in Van, Turkey (2011)
A new paper reviews past earthquakes to better understand potential future risks.
USC researchers and colleagues track and document the tsunami impact of a recent event near Tonga.
By understanding dynamics of landslides, researchers hope to prevent future ones.
New research by a Northeastern engineering professor used recent storms and the COVID-19 pandemic to predict human movement during disasters in anticipation of more effective emergency response.