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Keep up to date with the latest topic guides on the PreventionWeb knowledge base. These pages bring together a selection of reference material on various disaster risk reduction topics and emerging trends.

Airplane from above
29 Jan 2024
Airports are a key sector for which the potential impacts of disaster, natural hazards and climate change could be particularly challenging. Understanding and strengthening airport infrastructure is a critical step toward building resilience.
Floods in Sanamxay district, Lao PDR
21 Feb 2024
This collection compiles solutions implemented in LDCs to prevent disasters and reduce risk.
Aerial view of flooded houses
27 Nov 2023
These are key resources to understand more on how climate change increases disaster risk.
02 Dec 2022
We cannot reduce risk effectively if we cannot measure disaster losses. Have a look at stocktaking, challenges and best practices in this collection on disaster loss data. Traditionally
03 Aug 2021

Social protection systems and programmes can strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable to disasters and climate shock.

08 Aug 2023
Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale alteration of the Earth’s environment to mitigate climate change and alternate hazard risk. Explore the suggested approaches and related governance and policy issues.
29 Jan 2024
Explore these resources on how the conservation and restoration of wetlands can contribute to disaster risk reduction.
24 Jul 2023
This collection contains resources demonstrating how heat stress affects employees' productivity and well-being, as well as how to protect them.

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