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Keep up to date with the latest resource guides on the PreventionWeb knowledge base. These resource guides bring together a selection of reference material on various disaster risk reduction topics and emerging trends.Open configuration options

Floods in Sanamxay district, Lao PDR
11 January 2022
This collection compiles solutions implemented in LDCs to prevent disasters and reduce risk.
Aerial view of flooded houses
11 November 2021
These are key resources to understand more on how climate change increases disaster risk.
3 August 2021

Access disruptions on roads following a disaster can cause significant social and economic losses. Risk informed infrastructure investment is critical to ensure the construction and maintenance of resilient road networks.

3 August 2021

These resources analyse how well-planned relocations can help to increase resilience and reduce disaster risk.

8 August 2022
Resources on attribution science to communicate the linkages between extreme weather events and climate change.
24 November 2022
Evacuation route planning is a key part of disaster risk management with the primary aim of reducing risk to life in the face of hazards.
3 August 2021

The interconnection of devices to the Internet offers new perspectives in disaster risk management. A selection of different applications of the Internet of Things (IOT) for disaster risk reduction.

18 May 2023
These resources explore the economic, social and environmental dividends of investing in disaster risk reduction.