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3 August 2021

When disasters disrupt port operations, they can cause significant economic losses on a global scale. Adapting ports to a changing climate and investing in disaster resilience is critical to reduce the economic impacts from catastrophic events.

3 August 2021

Access disruptions on roads following a disaster can cause significant social and economic losses. Risk informed infrastructure investment is critical to ensure the construction and maintenance of resilient road networks.

18 May 2023
These resources explore the economic, social and environmental dividends of investing in disaster risk reduction.
11 November 2021
These resources aim to enhance understanding of coherence and inform future policy planning and implementation support, towards more comprehensive and coherent DRR and CCA approaches.
21 November 2022
Examples of innovative DRR initiatives supported by citizen science and crowd-sourcing.
Aerial view of flooded houses
11 November 2021
These are key resources to understand more on how climate change increases disaster risk.
3 August 2021

How climate services can contribute to effective risk management systems and resilience building initiatives.

2 December 2022
We cannot reduce risk effectively if we cannot measure disaster losses. Have a look at stocktaking, challenges and best practices in this collection on disaster loss data. Traditionally