Policies and Plans

Governance of risk plays a central role in managing disaster risk. Disaster risk reduction (DRR) strategies, in particular, are crucial for coordinating DRR implementation at both the national and local levels. They serve as the cornerstone for effective disaster risk governance and risk-informed development.

Explore this guidance if you are interested in developing a National DRR Strategy.

National and local strategies set implementation milestones, establish key roles and responsibilities, and identify technical and financial resources. At the same time, the existence of regional/sub-regional strategies and/or legally binding frameworks for disaster risk reduction acts as a significant incentive for the development of DRR strategies at national level.

This page displays regional, national and local policy documents and declarations on disaster risk, climate adaptation and resilience:

Submit a local, national, or regional policy and plan, a national legal framework, or an intergovernmental declaration.

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Policies and plans
This Act seeks to define a legal framework towards making Mauritius a climate-change resilient, and low emission, country.
Policies and plans
This law determines Kosovo's mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change in line with binding international agreements, and its commitments to sustainable development and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
Cover and source: Government of the Republic of Korea
Policies and plans
Developed in 2010 jointly by 13 government departments, Korea 's national climate change adaptation plan envisions the establishment of a safe society and support for green growth through climate change adaptation.
Cover and source:  National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
Policies and plans
The Updated National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan establishes the linkage between disaster risk reduction and management, climate change adaptation, and human security by focusing on climate and disaster risks in the Philippines.
Cover and source: Government of Jordan
Policies and plans
The 2022 - 2050 Climate Change Policy (CCP) is an overarching document for mainstreaming climate change in all sectoral policies, strategies, and action plans.
Cover and source: COP28 Presidency
Policies and plans
The COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health is a non-binding, non-negotiated call to action and collective commitment that reflects the concerns and common position of countries on the importance of health within climate discourse and in the COP process.
Cover and title of publication
Policies and plans
This policy aims to facilitate better coordination of climate change work in Samoa and provide opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between the government and all stakeholders amid challenges.
Cover and source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Policies and plans
This recommendation provides a set of high-level recommendations for addressing the financial impacts of disasters on individuals, businesses and sub-national levels of governments, as well as implications for public finances.

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