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The Ugandan Government has been commended for having developed a vital and unique rural infrastructure which includes communication services, to better prepare for and manage disasters....
New Vision, the - The New Vision Printing & Publishing Company Limited (NVPPCL)
According to a recent study by the Australian Gov, there is abundant evidence that natural hazards disproportionately affect developing countries. Disasters are increasing every year due to factors including rapid population growth, urbanisation and climate change.
Australia - government
Sri Lanka has received support to train government officials and NGOs for response to disasters, such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami, which caused devastation along parts of the coastline in 2004....
Lanka Business Online
The Government of Nepal will prioritize disaster prevention measures in a bid to minimize the affects of natural hazards as part of long term plan stated ministry official....
Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd.
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Disaster-risk reduction should be a core policy item in the climate-change agenda for protecting the vulnerable said Reid Basher of the ISDR secretariat...
United Nations - Headquarters
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'...we commit to support urgent actions to mainstream adaptation into broader development strategies and encourage developing countries themselves to integrate adaptation into their development policies'...
Japan - government
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Efficient policies and implementation mechanisms could reduce human loss due to natural hazards, said experts in a seminar on Saturday....
Nation, the - Pakistan
A look at India's level of preparedness in the face of a disaster: “We need to shift focus from the visibles to the invisibles...disaster response measures only have short-term gain and do not result in risk reduction...”
Economic Times, the

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