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Explore the latest News and Announcements on disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond on the PreventionWeb knowledge base.

News & Announcements
Disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond.
The UNCDF has joined the REAP to save lives, protect livelihoods and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of climate-disaster responses, as well as support adaptation to climate change in vulnerable developing nations.
Risk-informed Early Action Partnership
Rising temperatures could reduce how far meteorologists can see into the future, study finds.
Washington Post, the
Les membres des communautés sont toujours les premiers à amener de l’aide quand l’urgence frappe.
United Nations Children's Fund (Global Headquarters, New York)
This image shows a city in Nepal below a snowy mountain.
Following Nepal’s move to a federal governance structure municipal governments have greater responsibility for disaster risk reduction and management.
Flood Resilience Portal
Storm surge barriers in Oosterschelde
The conclusion is that flooding cannot be prevented when there are such large-scale and extreme precipitation events. But with more resilient spatial planning and better preparation, the Netherlands can stop the disruption turning into a disaster.
Skyline of downtown Los Angeles, California
Some buildings sway more than others in an earthquake. Scientists are exploring how to integrate this variation into Earthquake Early Warning systems.
Engineers who control a water quality, activated sludge tank with aeration system in a wastewater treatment plant.
Wastewater testing provides a relatively economic method whereby countries in Latin America and the Caribbean can improve their detection, diagnosis, control, and monitoring systems for viruses that cause diseases like COVID-19 and its variants.
World Bank, the
Over the last century, the average global temperature has risen by more than 1℃. This has seen the number of days over 40℃ more than double in Perth. Climate models indicate that these sorts of extreme events will only become more frequent.
Conversation Media Group, the