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This publication assesses how new data technologies are helping innovative assessment methodologies, implementation, and monitoring of nature-based approaches in integrated coastal zone management and disaster risk management in LAC.
While the incidence of COVID-19 in Belize has subsided, the lasting health and economic impacts caused by the pandemic have demonstrated the need to build a resilient health system.
CREWS in the Caribbean
A successful 3,5-year project in the Caribbean has demonstrated the benefits of strong collaboration between development agencies and local partner and of better weather, water and climate services to save lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities.
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Road in Belize
The Climate Resilient Infrastructure project played a central role in Belize’s COVID-19 national response, supporting 176,500 vulnerable people with financing, technical assistance, and inputs that smoothed consumption and protect against economic loss
World Bank, the
This report presents natural hazard risk assessment results for Belize's districts.
For this assessment, hazard-based risks, vulnerabilities, resilience, and disaster management capabilities were researched and analyzed to produce scientific data that can be used in the decision-making process during all phases of disaster management.

La movilidad humana asociada a, o derivada de los desastres y efectos adversos del cambio climático viene recibiendo un interés importante en los últimos años en Centroamérica. Este informe contribuye a un mayor conocimiento de la evidencia sobre la

This report aims to improve understanding of how flexibility can be introduced into the fisheries management cycle in order to foster adaptation to climate change. This work contributes to the overall scope of improving the resilience of fisheries

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