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Hurricane Florence seen from Space in September 2018
Recognizing the urgency of informing vulnerable groups with essential ‘how-to-prepare’ content for hurricane season, the Department of Emergency Management in Barbados produced awareness-raising videos focused on improving hurricane preparedness.
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) recently reunited with disaster management experts in Barbados following a March 2024 engagement in Bridgetown in which PDC presented the results of the National Disaster Preparedness Baseline Assessment.
Pacific Disaster Center
Caribbean private sector
Caribbean islands are in a water crisis, and their governments have warned that water scarcity may become the new norm.
Conversation Media Group, the
This brief displays the November 2023 updates for the Early Warnings 4 All initiative.
Early Warnings for All initiative (EW4All)
The IDB, in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI), collaboratively developed a tool: Climate-Resilient Integrated Coastal Zone Management Performance Indicators to verify the implementation of ICZM policies resilient to climate risks.
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Cover and source: Global Earthquake Model Foundation
Documents and publications
This seismic risk profile of Barbados, produced by the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation summarizes key metrics of seismic risk, allowing stakeholders in risk management to get an overview of the risk in the country.
Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems’Capacities in the Caribbean Region
Documents and publications
This study provides an updated assessment of the status of MHEWS for all CDEMA Participating States (PS).
Documents and publications
This is a short brief country profile of Barbados, in relation to hurricanes and earthquakes.

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