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Women walking on a beach carrying baskets on their heads
The fertile and densely populated plain around the Indus and Ganges rivers is likely to become a climate change hotspot according to a new study published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology.
Universität Augsburg (UA)
In this study, the authors aimed to assess potential flood hazards in Cyprus stemming from three distinct dam failure scenarios: piping, 100-year rainfall, and probable maximum precipitation (PMP).
This study investigated the associations of multiple natural hazards with depression among Chinese adults.
Rice fields on the Philippean islands
Agricultural insurance can be an essential tool for Filipino farmers to manage climate shocks effectively. It can safeguard their livelihoods, protect them from falling into poverty traps, and enhance their productivity and innovation.
World Bank, the
In this study, researchers provide information on the shelter-seeking places in Bangladesh during the latest cyclones and analyse the reasons why some residents do not evacuate the affected regions post cyclone ­­­warning.
Soosan Momeni Mokoee works as Shelter-WASH Coordinator for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in from Tehran, Iran.
This study case on the nexus approach used in implementing the development program and humanitarian work in PIA Lembata presents qualitative data from key interviews with Plan staff in PIA Lembata and two assisted villages, Lamawolo and Wailolong.
Heavy rainfall in Pakistan’s Gwadar city triggered flooding in poor neighbourhoods, highlighting climate vulnerability and unfulfilled promises of development
The Third Pole

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