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Digital thermometer showing a high temperature in a town
Research briefs
With applications in clothing, construction and food storage, the new textile reduces heat from both the sun and thermal radiation from nearby buildings.
University of Chicago
As heat waves creep north, they are baking schools that previously did not need air conditioning. Fixing the problem will be neither cheap, nor easy.
Washington Post, the
Research briefs
A new study, published in Scientific Reports, used community accounts of past floods in Alaska to show how sea level rise is likely to make future floods worse.
Eos - AGU
Stop disasters game
Research briefs
Nearly 2/3 of Americans play video games and video game developers are working on ways to incorporate climate content into games. However, little research has examined whether video game players have unique value as an audience for climate communication.
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
Research briefs
A new study finds that more than 50,000 Californians died from exposure to wildfire smoke over a little more than a decade.
Yale Environment 360
The Tucson City Council has adopted a Heat Action Roadmap and Heat Protection Ordinance for City Contractors-two actions that are increasing the City's ability to mitigate and manage extreme heat and build resilience for the future.
City of Tucson
Antigua and Barbuda Hurricane Damage
Research briefs
Galveston Island was used as an example to predict damage that would occur as a result of hurricanes of varying intensities.
Texas A&M University System
The future of some jobs and businesses across the ocean economy have also become less secure as the ocean warms and damage from storms, sea-level rise and marine heat waves increases.
Conversation Media Group, the

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