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Expert Group Meeting on “Environmental management and the mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspective”, 6-9 November 2001, Ankara, Turkey:

This paper addresses the importance of gender concerns in natural disaster contexts and illustrates its

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This guide considers the disastrous effects of crises on employment
and poverty; as well as the capacity of crisis-affected people, men and
women, to overcome their devastating effects and ensure return to decent life.

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Good practices and lessons learned:

This publication is part of ongoing efforts facilitated by the UNISDR secretariat to build a global partnership for mainstreaming gender issues into the disaster risk reduction process. Such efforts have become urgent

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Toward the end of the twentieth century, it became evident to professionals working within the meterological arena that the world’s climate system was showing signs of change that could not be adequately explained in terms of natural variation. Since that

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This atlas condenses the history, causes, dangers and scientific background into powerful easy-to-read maps, graphics and tables. Today’s headlines and recent events reflect the seriousness of climate change. Heatwaves, droughts and flooding are driving

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This research investigates the flood risk perception and communication amongst key stakeholders involved in flood risk management in the different cultural settings of China and Germany.

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1: Changing Contexts -- 1. Living in a changing world -- 2. The challenges of water governance -- 3. Water and human settlements in an urbanizing world -- Section 2: Changing Natural Systems -- 4. The state of the resource -- 5. Coastal and freshwater

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Physical processes related to floods. Prehistoric and historic floods. Floods: case studies. Geomorphological and environmental questions related to floods. Statistical analysis of floods. Statistical analysis and forecasting. The predictability and

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