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Andrew C. Revkin from the New York Times explores the topic of building safer schools in poor vulnerable areas, at risk of earthquakes, further to a Washington Post article on the hundreds of schools that collapsed in Haiti...
New York Times, the
Documents and publications
This publication has been created with the intention of capturing key characteristics of the response and lessons learned, in a widely available format. It is intended to provide a valuable reference in future disaster responses. The content is based on the DEC Assurance Mission (Arup, 2007) as well as the authors observations and experiences on previous assignments in Aceh during the post-tsunami response. This is supported by further research and consultation, additional information provided by DEC Member Agencies and other documentation of the response. The views expressed are those of the authors.
'The project will address climate change issues, by focusing on improving water management and developing drought resistant and heat tolerant crops' said Kanayo Nwanze, President of IFAD...
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Joel Charny, vice president of Refugees International reports on his recent visit to Senegal and the migration issues that the country is facing due to the effects of climate change...
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Climate change, WMO representatives said, now represents "the biggest hazard" in the path of sustainable development, and "it is imperative that the associated changing demands for climate information are adequately addressed."...
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
An important shift occured in the disaster management structure of Turkey in 2009. A new department entitled 'Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency' (DEMP), under the Prime Ministry was established 17 December 2009. Turkey is prone to major types of disasters...
Ministry of Interior, Disaster and Emergency Management Authority
Some 20 selected communities will undertake disaster risk reduction training and planning as part of a relief project supported by the Commission in the Cordillera Administrative region...
European Commission
CARE International
Community Research and Development Information Service
Corporate Network for Disaster Response, Inc.
Are rich countries keeping their end of the bargain in helping poor countries adapt to increasingly erratic weather patterns? Are some poor countries exaggerating financial needs or their ability to spend funds? IRIN takes a closer look at some of the issues around adaptation funding...
The New Humanitarian

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