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This book is a major contribution to the study of urbanization and globalization. It has built upon a series of regional research projects focused on mega-cities. Some findings featured in this volume form a basis for a comprehensive survey of how

United Nations University

Urban Habitats presents an illustrated and practical guide to the wide range of urban habitats and the flora and fauna which live within them, and examines the most important conservation and management issues faced within our towns and cities.


In this volume, scholars from around the region analyse the impacts of globalization on cities in the Asia Pacifc. This collection of essays forms a useful, comprehensive, and ambitious study, focusing on the region’s specific urban concerns and on

United Nations University

The Challenge of Slums presents the first global assessment of slums, emphasizing their problems and prospects. Using a newly formulated operational definition of slums, it presents estimates of the numbers of urban slum dwellers and examines the factors


This document explores a range of issues related to disaster vulnerability and identified priorities for development and disaster prevention activities to ensure safer cities in the future. The papers in this volume are organized into four sections

World Bank, the

What comes out clearly in this Report is that slum formation is neither inevitable nor acceptable. “Running the poor out of town” - through evictions or discriminatory practices - is not the answer: rather, helping the poor to become more integrated into

United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Headquarters

This book aims to improve the South Asian media’s coverage of disasters. It attempts to do this in two ways: first, by providing the media with a better understanding of disasters and their causes; second, by showing how to adopt a more progressive

Duryog Nivaran

This Media Kit has been developed as a guide for media professionals in five Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Timor Léste and Vietnam) to raise the awareness of media professionals about their role in disaster risk reduction; and

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center