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Aerial  view, Almaty, Kazakhstan
A recent study published in the PNAS shows that western Central Asia has experienced a long-term drying trend over the past 7,800 years.
Chinese Academy of Sciences
A child views flood damage after Hurricane Ida in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Berkeley Lab scientists are investigating the characteristics and impacts of back-to-back atmospheric river events.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Aerial view of floods in a Chinese city, 2017
A third of China’s urban population at risk of city sinking, new satellite data shows.
Virginia Tech
Wildfire, Thailand
In response to the escalating fire crises in the Amazon, a timely study has revealed alarming shortcomings in the emergency fire bans implemented by the Brazilian Government. Initially seen as a promising solution in 2019.
Oxford University
Wonyong Park Lorenzo Miani Olivia Levrini
Schools are an important space young people to learn about disaster risk, but too often teachers miss educational opportunities. Educators need to better understand how to use specific climate disaster examples in the classroom to teach about risk.
This magazine shares a series of photo essays profiling how communities experiencing climate change are harnessing the power of collective action to work toward a climate-resilient future.
After nearly two years’ worth of rain flooded the Dubai region Tuesday, attention quickly shifted to cloud seeding and whether it could have been a factor in the deluge. But scientists said the downpour was a product of weather patterns.
Washington Post, the
Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre led an interdisciplinary team to evaluate different ways to harness humour and circus arts to help reshape policy dialogues relating to climate change and mental health.

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