DRR Voices

DRR Voices
Rumana Khan
Despite many innovations in humanitarian work like digital connectivity and anticipatory action, gender inequality remains a challenge in Bangladesh, says Rumana.
Alice Pellegrino Ria Sen Federica Angeletti
Satellite technology applications for disaster and climate risk management have transformative humanitarian-development potential.
Manisha Pantha

Manisha’s nursing career began with a tragedy.

Sri Varshini Kaliappan is a young female disaster management professional turned into an entrepreneur from the Tamil Nadu state in the south of India.
Najeeb Yunusa Hassan a young entrepreneur and engineer from Nigeria.
To celebrate the International Youth Day on 12 August 2021, we are sharing a story of Kiki Kartikasari, Indonesia, who is a Project Officer at CER Indonesia, an environmental consultancy company
Piero Pelizzaro
Milan is experiencing a period of profound renewal that has demonstrated the great level of adaptation of the city.
Oliver Seiffarth Philippe Quevauviller
CERIS Disaster Resilient Societies platform links different DRR policies and also strengthens opportunities for transdisciplinary and transboundary joint efforts to work with different actors.