Traditional and Indigenous knowledges

Practices and skills to reduce community vulnerability and cope with hazards, accumulated over many years of living in a specific environment and passed down from one generation to another.

Latest Traditional and Indigenous knowledges additions in the Knowledge Base

The Guna people of Panama's sinking Gardi Sugdub island are planning to move to the mainland to escape rising sea levels
Redwood forest canopy
A report by a team of 40 experts outlines a new approach to forest stewardship that “braids together” Indigenous knowledge and Western science to conserve and restore more resilient forestlands.
University of Washington
The research and action agenda is designed to focus future efforts to help those who are experiencing, or will experience, the compounding mental health challenges of climate change.
This study documents evidence of the potential of Indigenous and local knowledge in reducing vulnerability to climate change and/or improving the resilience of communities.
This paper explores how transformative adaptation towards more sustainable and resilient urban societies can be achieved through the inclusion of traditional knowledge, indigenous practices, and the bearers of such knowledge – the communities.
This podcast tackles how flooding in Fiji is having flow-on effects on markets and the availability of some fruit and vegetables across the country.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Women in Rwanda growing coffee to support themselves.
Following an open call for locally-led adaptation initiatives last year, CDKN selected five K2A projects from an extremely competitive pool of over 1000 applicants. The selected K2A projects are in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique and South Sudan.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Traditional indigenous Maori house roof under the sky
Researchers reviewed the evidence on traditional knowledge in the Pacific for coping with climate change and found much was scientifically plausible. This indicates such knowledge should play a significant role in sustaining Pacific Island communities.
Conversation Media Group, the

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