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Profiles of advocates working to reduce the risks faced by people living with disabilities, and to make disaster risk reduction, essential services and whole societies across the Asia-Pacific region more inclusive for people living with disabilities.
Aerial view of a flooded street in Brisbane, Australia (2019)
2022 will be remembered as the year of the Great Deluge, when record-breaking rain and floods lashed large parts of Eastern Australia, causing untold devastation for Australians and our economy.
Climate Council of Australia
This publication is a report on the major disasters that occurred in Australia in 2022. This year has seen large parts of Eastern Australia experience record-breaking rainfall and floods.
Climate Council of Australia
October to April is the peak period for extreme weather in Australia, with higher risk of flooding, tropical cyclones, bushfires, and severe thunderstorms. The latest outlook indicates a potentially wet and windy summer for 2022-23.
Risk Management Solutions
Australians’ well-documented affinity with the sun, surf and sand continues to fuel coastal property market growth. This growth defies rising interest rates and growing evidence of impacts of climate change on people living in vulnerable coastal locations
Conversation Media Group, the
Bushfire, Australia
This study finds that when severe weather events occur in close succession they can have major impacts on the environment, with a greater interactive effect than that of each individual event combined.
University of South Australia
This seventh biennial State of the Climate report draws on the latest national and international climate research, encompassing observations, analyses and future projections to describe year-to-year variability & longer-term changes in Australia’s climate
Bureau of Meteorology
This study investigates Navala traditional houses, their constructability, and the apparent ability of its houses to resist cyclone hazards.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
Cover ADB
This Papua New Guinea country briefing outlines why events such as floods and earthquakes force thousands from their homes each year and shows how data can improve assistance as climate vulnerability and low development raise disaster risk.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Asian Development Bank
A study by the University of Melbourne found that attempts to limit human involvement in nature and increase conservation led to widespread bushfires.
ABC News