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Ancient water cistern, Yemen
As global warming fuels extreme weather in climate-vulnerable Yemen, restoring the Tawila Cisterns could help avert future disasters, officials say.
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Vicious circles - violence, vulnerability and climate change
Many of the conditions that shape vulnerability to climate change also increase the likelihood of climate–conflict interactions. The impacts of armed conflict aggravate these conditions further.
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Locust in Yemen
Yemen is a key desert locust breeding ground, where swarms develop in several locations throughout the year and then disperse across the country and region, affecting the food security and livelihoods of tens of millions of people.
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War-torn Yemen has had its troubles compounded by climate change - and that is hurting one of the country's most precious commodities: Sidr honey.
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Burkina Faso: Participants in a WFP soil rehabilitation project in Sirighin in March — 2.9 million people will face hunger during the upcoming lean season according to the latest Cadre Harmonisé figures. Photo: WFP/Evelyn Fey
Global Report on Food Crises confirms World Food Programme and humanitarian community's worst fears over critical nutrition
World Food Programme
In Yemen the impacts of the pandemic have been devastating, as conflict and flooding continued to trigger mass displacement in Yemen in 2020.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

This report examines the pandemic’s impact on humanitarian access and operations. The analysis is based on developments in Colombia, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen. The report finds that the pandemic has contributed to significantly greater

United Nations University
Today, after 25 years of progress reducing global poverty, we are at a precarious moment. Poverty is on the rise.
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This report examines five pernicious problems identified by water supply and sanitation (WSS) service providers operating in protracted crisis in the Middle East and North Africa region. The five problems are:

  1. inadequately governed water resources
World Bank, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies United Nations Children's Fund
New report highlights five pernicious problems that are typically experienced by water supply and sanitation (WSS) service providers operating in protracted crises.
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