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The pandemic has left asylum-seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants in the lurch — and when it comes to vaccination rates, they’re being similarly affected.
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Venezuelans, already suffering from years of food and medicine shortages, are defenceless against the coronavirus pandemic.
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According to a new study, climate change and bushfire may exacerbate recent mercury pollution and increase exposure to the poisonous neurotoxin.
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The Venezuelan government's inability to manage its strained water resources during the 2013-2016 drought, which was described as the worst in 40 years, worsened existing water, food and energy shortages. With a restless public condemning the government's mismanagement, the drought will have played a part if Maduro's administration falls during the current crisis.
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This profile provides an overview of climate risk issues in the Amazon Basin, including how climate change will potentially impact ecosystems, water, agriculture, health, infrastructure, and tourism. The brief includes an overview and climate summary of

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UNISDR head, Mami Mizutori, addressing the High School Students Summit for World Tsunami Awareness Day
For the third year, Japan hosted a High School Students Summit to mark World Tsunami Awareness Day. UNISDR head, Mami Mizutori, urged them to become youth ambassdors for disaster risk reduction.
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En los últimos 20 años, la gestión de riesgos ha sido objeto de grandes reformas en la región latinoamericana. En línea con trabajos académicos, como el de La Red, notorios esfuerzos institucionales han permitido pasar del tratamiento de la amenaza al

European Commission’s Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) United Nations Development Programme - Regional Centre for Latin America and Caribbean Secretaría de Gestión de Riesgos
Delegates at the Mercocities Summit in Santa Fe, Argentina (Photo: Mercocities)
A network of hundreds of cities across South America has pledged to step up regional efforts to reduce disaster risk and boost sustainable development.
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This study discusses dynamics and drivers of the Zika epidemic in Latin America in order to assess longer-term risks and prioritise interventions. The transmissibility of the infection, the generation time and large-scale connectivity of human populations

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Esta nota presenta un resumen de la aplicación del Sistema de Indicadores para la Gestión de Riesgos en Venezuela en período 2001-2010. Este Sistema de Indicadores tiene como objetivos: i) mejorar el uso y la presentación de información

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