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This World Humanitarian Day UNDRR is celebrating women leaders in disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action, who are working to build resilience in their communities.
This paper outlines the drivers, scale and risk of disaster displacement in Vanuatu; its financial impact; and the country's capacity to prevent and respond to the issue.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
A hut lies toppled after a cyclone hit Vanuatu
Pacific island state seeks donor funding for clear measures to tackle rising damage from climate change impacts.
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Vanuatu PDNA 2020
The Vanuatu TC Harold and COVID-19 PDNA estimates the total compound impacts of TC Harold and COVID-19, identifies and quantifies needs across sectors, and supports the development of the Vanuatu Recovery Strategy 2020-2023.
Vanuatu - government United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters World Bank, the Australian Agency for International Development Overseas Development Institute
Twelve inspiring women are the finalists for the 2022 Rising Star Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction Leadership Award.
AHP presentation
On 26 May 2022, “Building the bridge for Pacific resilience through Disaster READY” was presented at the Ignite Stage during GP2022.
Australian Humanitarian Partnership United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Cover of the publication: aerial view of Port Vila, Vanuatu
This paper draws upon the results of a recent study to examine the drivers, patterns, and impacts of internal displacement linked with disasters in the greater Port Vila area and surrounding communities.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
School children in Vanuatu.
The January 2022 volcanic eruption and tsunami – called a ‘once in 1000-year event’ is the latest in a long list of recent disasters to have hit Tonga and cause significant disruption to Tongan children’s education.
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The Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation (MoCCA) through Vanuatu’s National Designated Authority has announced two significant projects on Climate Change Adaptation. The aim of the project is to improve the resilience of the coastal zone in Vanuatu
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This country profile for Vanuatu provides a summary of available evidence on climate hazards, health vulnerabilities, health impacts and progress to date in health sector efforts to realize a climate-resilient health system.
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