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A sign warns of tsunami danger zone in front of coastal mountain region.
The coastal zone is home to over a billion people. Rising sea levels are already impacting coastal residents and aggravating existing coastal hazards, such as flooding during high tides and storm surges.
Virginia Tech
This is a comic for youth and adults to raise awareness on the importance of leaving no one behind in times of COVID-19 during hurricane season. This comic has been designed for the Caribbean, but can be used in other parts of the world.
French Red Cross
Social and economic issues from before Hurricane Maria’s landfall were among the top predictors of damage and can be addressed to limit the extent of future disasters.
Conversation Media Group, the
UNICEF's Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office and CDEMA signed a MoU to co-operate on the development of more resilient communities.
United Nations Children's Fund - The Americas and Caribbean Regional Office

Cette étude porte sur les changements côtiers et les inondations suite au passage d’un ouragan de catégorie 5 (Irma) les 5 et 6 septembre 2017 sur les îles de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélemy aux Antilles. Selon l'étude, les systèmes côtiers ont répondu

This report was presented as a statement before the Committee on Homeland Security. It discusses, among other things, FEMA’s progress and challenges related to disaster resilience, response, recovery, and workforce management.
United States Government Accountability Office
This report addresses challenges elderlies and people with disabilities faced during three sequential hurricanes–Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and how FEMA addressed them, and the extent to which FEMA has implemented its new approach to disability integration.
United States Government Accountability Office

This report follows risk-based valuation approaches to map flood zones at 10-squaremeter resolution along all 3,100+ kilometers of U.S. reef-lined shorelines for different storm probabilities to account for the effect of coral reefs in reducing coastal

United States Geological Survey Nature Conservancy, the University of California, Santa Cruz

Children who experience natural disasters are at risk of developing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. In this study, 109 children in Grades 3–12 were recruited from private and public schools on the island of

Natural Hazards Center
Today, the U.S. Virgin Islands Hurricane Recovery and Resilience Task Force released its initial 280-page report to help guide reconstruction and resiliency efforts in the Territory in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The document is currently published for public comment, during which time the community can provide feedback until July 27.
United States of America - government