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The Forest Service primarily tracks work that counts toward wildfire mitigation projects in two different datasets within its Forest Service Activity Tracking System (FACTS) database.
A proposed $1.1 billion seawall bypasses marginalized Charleston neighborhoods and relies on outdated grey infrastructure. But there is an alternative: green, nature-based solutions can protect at-risk coastal communities.
Grist Magazine
As climate change leads to larger and more frequent wildfires, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using sensors, drones and machine learning to both prevent fires and reduce their damage to the electric grid.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
An extreme heat warning sign warns tourists in Death Valley, California
New research from First Street Foundation finds that about 8 million people in the United States this year will be under "Extreme Heat", and grows to impact about 107 million people in 2053.
First Street Foundation
University of Miami engineering and ocean sciences faculty members received federal research funding recently to delve into how they can strengthen coastal buildings and seawalls in the face of climate change.
University of Miami
Increased runoff could lead to devastating landslides and debris flows — particularly in hilly areas burned by wildfires.
University of California, Los Angeles
A team led by Kristen Guirguis, a climate researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, found evidence that the risk of hazardous weather is increasing in the Southwest.
University of California, San Diego
Data from 45 burned sites help researchers better understand climate change and wildfires’ impact on snowpack.
Eos - AGU
The academic collaboration will support the development of climate-conditioned fire danger indices through research on changes to future fire weather behavior in the U.S. while implementing data from CMIP6.
AON plc
Dirty transport brings pathogens from around the world.
University of California, Riverside