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Olivia Nielsen Dave Hodgkin
The war in Ukraine will have cascading, long-term impacts – including a secondary environmental disaster caused by uncontrolled asbestos. In reconstruction, strategic planning around asbestos hazard management is needed to ensure a better, safer recovery.
Ukraine will become a Party to the Convention on the ninetieth day after the date of deposit of its instrument of accession with the UN Secretary-General in New York.
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Scientists are worried that wildfires might burn out of control in Siberia while the Russian military units that normally keep them in check are dispatched to Ukraine.
The Energy Mix
UNECE notes with concern the attacks on industrial facilities in Ukraine since the beginning of the war and calls for a prompt end of hostilities and the prevention of technological disasters, which could affect the population and environment of Ukraine.
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Girl wearing a mask with the Ukrainian flag.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already – and will continue to have – extraordinary health and socioeconomic consequences for the Ukrainian people. One of those consequences will almost certainly be an increased COVID burden.
Conversation Media Group, the
This image shows the cover of the publication which displays a sunflower field.
This study is the first detailed assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on Ukraine, with a focus on agriculture, a key driver of the economy and jobs.
World Bank, the
UNDP experts analyze flood risk management in Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine
After analysing the risks of flooding in the most vulnerable communities in the Bukovyna region, a UNDP project team has drawn up recommendations on disaster risk reduction and recovery.
United Nations Development Programme - Ukraine
Early warning and response information for a more efficient fight against wildfires in Luhansk Oblast through capacity building of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service.
IMPACT Initiatives
IAEA-led international research on the management of severely damaged spent nuclear fuel is providing key lessons learned from nuclear sites.
International Atomic Energy Agency
The COVID-19 pandemic has created an epic economic crisis. The ILO predicts million jobs could be lost, with women particularly susceptible to lay-offs and job cuts.
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women